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LCT Hosting

The success of I-House relies on the active involvement of students. Every year, several dozen students generously serve as LCT Hosts, sharing their knowledge and experiences and, in turn, building valuable skills in areas like teaching, intercultural communication, and teamwork.

Hosts are expected to:

  • Attend all LCT sessions during each quarter they commit to hosting
  • Be present 10 minutes early to organize the materials for that evening’s lesson
  • Share a language in which they are fluent and integrate relevant aspects of the culture(s) and places associated with that language
  • Facilitate conversation and promote community amongst participants at their table
  • Collaborate with and accept guidance from I-House staff members
  • Engage with participants, hosts, and staff with courtesy and respect, in keeping with the UC San Diego Principles of Community

Students with an interest in becoming an LCT Host can reach out to

UCSD CCR sealLCT Host is one of many positions eligible for inclusion on students’ Co-Curricular Record (CCR).

Students who volunteer on a consistent basis and complete 30 or more hours of service over the course of three quarters, will receive validation through the I-House Programs Office.