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Apartments and Rooms

International House apartments on UC San Diego campus

Learn about apartments and room setups for undergraduate and visiting exchange students in UC San Diego's International House, how the rooms are furnished, and what's included in the rental cost.

Apartment Models & Bedrooms

There are two models of apartments in I-House:

  • 4-person flat with 4 single bedrooms
  • Two-story townhouse for 5 people (all single bedrooms) or 6 people (4 singles + 1 double room)
I-House offers a limited number of double rooms (two people sharing a bedroom) for a lower cost.

Please note: The majority of rooms in I-House are single bedrooms; there are only a limited number of double bedrooms. Placement in these double rooms will be based on the receipt date of your original I-House application, and any extenuating circumstances.

You will be able to access your room assignment, including room / apartment number, and apartment mates' names and contact info, after housing contracts are accepted and finalized. The notification will be sent to your email address. To login to the room assignment site, you will need your PID and password.

For any questions regarding housing (i.e., early move in, housing assignments, etc.) please contact the ERC Residence Life Office:

Costs & Dining Plan

Apartment prices vary from year to year, and depending on the room type. To see the latest prices, look for the apartment costs on the HDH (Housing, Dining and Hospitality) website.

In addition to your housing costs, UCSD on-campus residents are required to purchase the dining plan. For more information, visit HDH's dining FAQ page.

Furnishings & Other Essentials

All apartments in I-House are furnished with a couch, coffee table, refrigerator, and stove.

Rooms are furnished with one Twin XL mattress and bed, closet, desk, chair, and dresser.

Communal laundry facilities are located between Kathmandu and Geneva.

Please note that I-House does not provide any pillows, bedding, linens, towels, or kitchen plates or utensils. ISPO usually organizes a shopping trip a couple of days after students arrive. If you plan to shop on your own, the nearest stores that sell these items are Marshalls and Ross located in the La Jolla Village Square shopping center.

We recommend bringing a set of linens and towels with you to use the first few days until you are able to purchase more. The mattress size is Twin XL, which can be purchased in the college section of most retailers (Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, etc.).