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Sunday Supper Postcard

Sunday Supper

A spectacular night of dining, inspirational talks, and stellar community performances to celebrate our vibrant global community. You don't want to miss it! Contact the Programs interns at ihouseprograms@ucsd.edu

Fall Quarter 2017

Date: November 5th, 2017

Theme: Home

Cost: FREE

Where to get tickets:  http://tinyurl.com/SundaySupperF17

Join us in a community-centered celebration with lots of homecooked meals made by the residents of the ERC/I-House communities, catered dishes, and performances!

This quarter, our theme is "Home" - in order to celebrate the unique, inter/national experiences of our communities.

Come and share space with us as we celebrate the meanings of our "homes".

Additionally, in order to be more environmentally sustainable, we encourage everyone to bring their own plates/bowls and eating utensils!

Winter Quarter 2018 TBD




Where to get tickets:  

Spring Quarter 2018 TBD




Where to get tickets