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Frequently Asked Questions

After reading through these pages, please email the ERC Residential Life Office at if you have any additional questions about student housing or the application process.

Missed Application Deadline

Email the ERC Reslife office at to ask about a waitlist if you have missed the I-House application deadline.

If you have missed all the on-campus application deadlines, Housing and Dining has an online waitlist.

Considering the limited number of spaces on campus, students without a housing guarantee are encouraged to seek off-campus housing in addition to signing up for the waitlist. 

Move-In and Early Move-In Dates

Please check your UCSD email and/or contract for move-in dates.

For early move-in dates, contact the ERC Residential Life Office for details and rates at

If you need somewhere to live before your move-in date, visit the International Students & Programs Office's Housing Resources web page to find information on home-stay or short-term accommodations.

Arriving on Campus

Unfortunately, we do not offer transportation to or from the university. You'll need to arrange for a ride to the campus.

Taxis can be quite expensive, but rideshare services like Lyft and Uber are fairly reasonable.

  • See where rideshare pickups are found at the San Diego International Airport.
  • When selecting your destination in the app, look for "Eleanor Roosevelt College." They'll drop you off right on our doorstep.

The holiday airport shuttle is available for rides to and from the airport for Thanksgiving, winter break, and spring break.

Moving In

There are no elevators in any of the International House apartment buildings. We strongly encourage you to use rolling luggage and pack small boxes that are easy to carry. We also recommend investing in a portable luggage cart or hand dolly to make your move easier.

For liability and storage purposes, Residence Life cannot accept or deliver any resident mail until the first week after move-in. If you need to ship any belongings to the campus, make sure they arrive accordingly, or they will be sent back!

Receiving Packages and Mail

Please do not arrange to send any packages addressed to the I-House or ERC Residence Life Offices. You will receive a unique mailing address and P.O. Box. Your mailing address (P.O. Box) and your room assignment information will be online by mid-August.

You will receive your mailbox combination code when you have turned in your room inventory form / move-in checklist to the ERC Residence Life Office, after moving in and speaking with your roommates.

For liability and storage purposes, Residence Life cannot accept or deliver any resident mail until the first week after move-in.

EAP Orientation

All new international students in F-1/J-1 status (including transfer students from other U.S. schools) are required to complete an online digital orientation course and attend a mandatory international student orientation session.

The International Student Orientation is your first chance to experience all that UC San Diego has to offer you. Orientation provides valuable information to ease your transition to campus and life in the USA. Students are expected to attend the international orientation. Latecomers will be asked to attend another session. Failure to attend orientation may prevent you from registering for courses at UC San Diego.

Roommate Relations

Residents sometimes ask what to do when they don't get along with their roommates. The first step is to speak with your roommate or apartment mate about the problem (e.g., cleaning, noise, etc.). If you haven't, talk to them about a possible solution.

If you feel uncomfortable approaching them, you can go to your Resident Advisor (RA) for assistance, or to talk about possible approaches. The Resident Advisor has been trained to assist you in working out roommate conflicts. If the problem persists after the RA has been involved, the Resident Dean’s professional staff can assist in a resolution.

Overnight Guests

Students can have guests stay overnight for up to 3 days with prior discussion and approval of their roommates. Guests may not sleep in public areas (e.g., residence hall suite lounges). For security and emergency reasons, you must notify your RA when you will have a guest staying overnight.

Return Flights

Since you may be planning your travel both to and from UC San Diego, please be aware that the term of your housing contract runs from move-in until the end of your final academic term here.

For the full academic year, this means move-out is 24 hours after your last final exams of the Spring Quarter, or no later than the following Saturday of finals week, so please arrange your return flight plans accordingly.

Any exceptions will require re-location to another facility and will incur additional per-day charges for extra days stayed.

If you are departing at the end of Fall Quarter or Winter Quarter, consult the academic calendar for those move-out dates before you make your flight plans.

Contact Information for Housing-Related Matters

Housing, Dining, Hospitality: Contracts, Billing, and Room Assignments

Residence Life: Room Amenities,
Requesting Roommates & Move-In Instructions