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Russian Language Table at the Grove

Language Tables

The Language Conversation Tables are one of International House's most popular programs. Each quarter, students host a variety of languages for UC San Diego students, staff, faculty, and community members to learn and practice another language in a fun and casual environment.

Language Table Schedule


What is a Language Table?

The Language Tables are one of International House's most popular programs. Each quarter a variety of language tables are hosted and attended by students, staff, faculty, and anyone from the public willing to join. Language Tables provide the chance to teach and learn a language in a natural environment, through conversation with someone who is fluent in that language. They take place weekly or once every three weeks.

What does it mean to host a table?

As host you get to choose which language to teach, where and when you want to teach it. It is a very casual and fun and it gives you a chance to pass on your language or help you brush up on your language skills. Your responsibilities are simple: just turn up on time each week, sign people in and have FUN!

Where are the I-House Lounges?

Right here: http://g.co/maps/6w7be on the ground floor just between Katmandu and Cuzco in the International House.

When do the tables start?

Tables usually start in Week 2 and run until Week 10, but always check the schedule above for the most up to date information.

How can I get involved?

Can you speak a language fluently/strongly? - Then host a table!
Do you want to learn a new language or practice an old one? - Then attend a table!

Check out the schedule above to find the tables. 

Why is schedule above empty?

Language Tables only happen from weeks 2-10 during Fall, Winter and Spring quarter. Outside of those times the schedule will be empty. If it is week 2 and the schedule is still empty, be patient, the tables are probably just being finalized and will be updated by the end of the week.