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Sunday Supper Postcard

Sunday Supper

A spectacular night of dining, inspirational talks, and stellar community performances to celebrate our vibrant global community. You don't want to miss it! Contact the Programs interns at ihouseprograms@ucsd.edu

Fall Quarter 2018

Date: November 18, 2018

Theme: Harvest Day + Sunday Supper = Fall Feast

Cost: FREE

Where to get tickets:  

Join us in a community-centered celebration with lots of homecooked meals made by the residents of the ERC/I-House communities, catered dishes, and performances!

This quarter, our theme is Fall Feast - a collaboration with I-House and Ellie's Garden at ERC. Come and learn more about sustainable practices in a global context.

Additionally, in order to be more environmentally sustainable, we encourage everyone to bring their own plates/bowls and eating utensils!

Winter Quarter 2019 TBD




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Spring Quarter 2019 TBD




Where to get tickets