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Guess who lived here?

Every year, the number of applications we receive exceeds the number of rooms available. An applicant's commitment to the goals of I-House and a willingness to be an active member of the community play a large part in the final selection. Applicants should carefully consider their schedule to ensure that they will be able to participate in the I-House community. Your commitment to I-House should be clearly described in your application.

Application Window 

Academic Quarter Application Available Application Deadline Applicants Notified
Fall 2017 February 15, 2017

March 8th, 2017 @11:30 PM (PST)

Early Spring Quarter 

All dates and times are based on Pacific Daylight Time.

This current application cycle is for continuning undergradates ONLY. EAP/Transfer applications will open late April/ Early May. 

We recommend that you start your application early and not wait until the last day to complete the essays. We do not accept any late applications.

Application Guideline

Step 1: Prepare

Before you apply, check if you are ELIGIBLE to live in I-House. To check your elibility, please scroll down to our Eligibility section on this page. 

In order to apply, you will need a Student ID number (PID). If you have not received your student ID number, this site may help you find your Student ID.

Furthermore, you should start thinking about why you want to live in I-House. As mentioned above, the I-House application process is highly competitive. 

Step 2: Apply Online

Once you feel prepared, you can start filling out the application form online. Once logged in, you can save and edit your application until the application window is closed.

Apply now

Step 3: Follow-up

After submitting your application, make sure to check your UCSD email and alternate email address for a notification that your application has been received. If you do not get this email within 24 hours of applying, contact the I-House office.

Step 4: Notification

After the application window closes, our staff will start reviewing the applications. Since we double-read every application, this may take some time. You took some time to write your application, so now we take some time to review it. This usually takes about two weeks to a month. We will then send a notification email to your UCSD email account. Please contact our office at ihouseintern@ucsd.edu if you have not received notifcation about your acceptance by the date listed above.


Who is eligible to live in I-House?

All registered UCSD undergraduate students except new incoming freshman or current freshmen are eligible to live in I-House. This includes students from all six colleges, incoming transfer students, international exchange students, and full-time international students. Please note that new incoming freshmen and current freshmen are not eligible to live in I-House.

Do I have to be an ERC student to live in I-House?

No! Although I-House is geographically located in ERC and ERC Res Life is in charge of I-House housing contracts, students from all colleges are eligible to live in I-House.

I am a UCSD extension student. Can I apply to live in International House?

Unfortunately, UCSD Extension students are not eligible to apply to live in I-House; this includes international students enrolled with UCSD Extension. As an extension student, you are not technically admitted to UCSD and therefore cannot live on campus. For housing suggestions, please contact the UCSD Extension Office.  

Application Cycle

Application Cycle

I-House residential applications are available for one, two, or three quarters. Applications are available during the quarter prior to when you plan to live in I-House. You can find specific dates for the 2015-2016 academic year here.

  • Fall quarter: September-December
  • Winter quarter: January-March
  • Spring quarter: April-June

Domestic students:

If you will be abroad during the Fall quarter and want to live in I-House in Winter and Spring quarter, you should apply for the Winter quarter application available during Fall quarter around mid-October. If you will be abroad during Winter and Spring quarters, you should apply for the Fall quarter application available the Spring quarter in the prior academic year.

Exchange students:

If you will attend UCSD in the Fall quarter and want to live in I-House for one, two, or three quarters, you should apply for the Fall quarter application available in the summer around June. If you will attend UCSD in the Winter quarter, you should apply for the Winter quarter application available during Fall quarter around mid-October. If you will attend UCSD in the Spring quarter, you should apply for the Spring quarter application available during Winter quarter in February.

Application Troubleshoot

Experiencing issues with the application? We recommend:

  1. Logout of the application and any UC San Diego Single-Sign On applications (i.e. My TritonLink)

  2. Close all browsers and re-login.

  3. If you’re still experiencing issues, clear your cache. Different browsers have different requirements – a quick search will provide details on how to complete this process.

  4. Still not working? Take a screenshot of the problem you’re experiencing and email ucsdhousing@ucsd.edu with your name and PID and we’ll work with you to find a solution.

I keep on getting the error message “characters not allowed”. What should I do?

Check to make sure that there are no quotation marks, parenthesis, and other scripts in your application. If you have typed up your application in Microsoft Word, please ensure that the language for that Word document is set to English. If it was set in another language, copying and pasting the answers could set off the “characters not allowed” error message as well.

The easiest way to make sure you won't get this error message is not to copy and paste your text but type it into the boxes directly instead!

For reference, the non-alpha numeric letters that are allowed are:

-              single quote (')

-              "at" sign (@)

-              comma (,)

-              exclamation point (!)

-              hyphen (-)

-              period (.)

-              question mark (?)

-              underscore (_)