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Supporting International House

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At International House alumni, parents, and members of the community support programs that bridge classroom experiences with the wider world.  Current examples include:

International House Scholarship Fund Give Now

Alumni and community giving also supports resident-based scholarships.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers play important roles in the life of International House. They serve on committees selecting scholarship recipients; they lend a helping hand during major public events like International Education Week, Time and effort -- your time and effort -- is invaluable. 

We hope that you will consider sharing your time and expertise with our students. If you would like to learn more, please email your contact information to ihouseintern@ucsd.edu. The following information will help us identify programs suited to you:

  1. Affiliation (alumni; community member; ERC parent; staff, etc.);
  2. Areas of interest; for example:
  • serving on scholarship committees
  • sponsoring an intern at your place of employment
  • helping with key I-House events like International Education Week and Alumni Reunion Weekend
  • hosting an international student living in I-House over university breaks

If you have a special skill or interest and would like to volunteer, please let us know. We look forward to working with you to enhance the undergraduate living/learning experience at International House.

Your contributions, no matter how large or small, will make a difference. On behalf of the students of International House, thank you!


For more volunteer opportunities, we suggest looking into the programs below:


Refugee Connections

Refugee Connections works to help those displaced individuals that are suffering from significant losses as a result of various different regional crises, ranging from geographical chaos to complete political revolution. Entire communities have been uprooted from their homes, forcing these refugees on dangerous journeys with little to no nourishment and money across continents to find new places to settle with their families. More often than not however, these individuals are unable to find any sort of asylum due to the various prejudiced stigmas against refugees from most countries, leading to what can be only termed as exile. Unfortunately, the refugee crisis has been one of the most under-acknowledged and under-funded global issues of this generation. In addition to this, due to the highly widespread state of the crisis those individuals who are aware of this global issue and wish to help are faced with the dilemma of insufficient access and are unable to reach out to provide aid. Our goal at Refugee Connections is to not only bring awareness to this issue, but to bridge the gap between those who want to help and those who need it most.   

You can learn more about Refugee Connections on our FaceBookpage! Or via email at eitherrcucsd@gmail.com 

or contact the president directly at rcucsd.president@gmail.com 


San Diego Food Bank

See a description and list of the next volunteer events on the San Diego Food Bank Website.


Davis Projects for Peace

The Davis Projects for Peace is an initiative that encourages undergraduate students to design their own grassroots projects around the world that promote peace and address the root causes of conflict. The Davis Projects for Peace encourage applicants to use their creativity to design projects and employ innovative techniques for engaging project participants in ways that focus on conflict resolution, reconciliation, building understanding, breaking down barriers that cause conflict, and finding solutions for resolving conflict and maintaining peace.  Through the Davis United World College Scholars Program partner schools and International Houses Worldwide, the Davis Projects for Peace grant is available at over 90 campuses across the U.S. Selected projects are awarded $10,000 each to cover travel, materials and supplies, and other expenses related to the implementation of the project.

Contact your RA if you have any community service ideas and take advantage of the I-House Facebook group to coordinate carpools for off-campus volunteering. I-House is always looking to expand its community service efforts. For more information on volunteer events going on in I-House, ask any I-House RA or come by the I-House office.


Additional links for volunteer opportunities: