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Henri F. Migala is the Director of UC San Diego International House. Migala was born in Paris and immigrated to the United States as a child. With a MA in medical anthropology from the University of Texas Arlington, a MPH from the University of North Texas and a doctorate in higher education leadership from San Diego State University, he comes to UC San Diego with a wealth of experience in international and higher education.



Adam McKinney is the Events Coordinator for International House at UC San Diego. An alumni of UCSD and a past facility monitor for the International House, Adam has over four years of experience working in the Great Hall, and has been an important figure in helping with recent Great Hall renovations. Outside of work Adam is an avid outdoorist and will most likely be hiking, rockclimbing, or exploring around San Diego.





Malou Amparo is the Program Coordinator at International House, UC San Diego. An EAP Beijing alumna and former I-House Resident Advisor, Malou graduated from the University of California, San Diego with degrees in Chinese Studies and International Studies. Her experience working with international students inspired her to teach English as a Second Language in Daegu, South Korea and Los Angeles. Most recently, Malou completed a year of service with LISC AmeriCorps in San Diego, where she provided tax preparation and technical assistance to refugee and immigrant populations with the International Rescue Committee. She spends her free time watching films, trying new recipes (or new restaurants when she's lazy), and dreaming about the future.


Elly Iverson is a fourth year student here at UCSD completing her requirements to graduate in June 2014 with a major in International Studies. Elly has had a truly international college experience, working and living in I-House since fall quarter of her freshman year, disappearing for periods of time to study in places like Greece, Peru, and even Washington DC. Elly can usually be found in her apartment blasting music (she takes the open door policy quite literally) but if she isn't there, look for her surfing at Scripps pier or skating through campus. Everyone thinks Elly is pretty cool with the exception of Kevin, who she has worked tirelessly to gain approval and affection from. 


Eva Yilmaz is a traveller who is passionate about Asian studies. Every day she enjoys sharing her European deep-house music background and her love of learning languages. Half French and half Turkish, multiculturalism and reflection on religious beliefs are a big part of her - short yet - life. Her 3 current goals are: trying as many experiences as possible before she dies, enhancing her ability to create and understand pieces of arts, and ultimately working in foreign affairs. After experiencing business and fashion, she felt a I-House programming position was one more challenge that she had to take. Help her creating a ranking of cities she's visited - her favorites so far are Shanghai, San Francisco and Madrid - and international security issues. Don't forget to bring M&M's.


Simon Senkl is an Office Assistant at the International House. He is an international student from Austria, goes to university in Berlin, Germany, and is now here in San Diego on exchange as part of the UCEAP program. Simon is currently a 3rd year double-major in Industrial Engineering and Business Economics. Simon seems to love California, since it’s his third time here. He also loves working for the International House, of course, but besides that he enjoys doing all kinds of sports and exploring California. He is also extraordinarily skilled in singing in the shower and dancing when nobody watches him.  P.S.: Austria is that tiny little country in the heart of Europe. The one with the mountains where the Sound of Music takes place, not the one with kangaroos!


Jenny Lin is one of the office interns in the director’s office at International House. She is a junior one-year exchange student from Waseda University in Japan. However, she was actually locally born and grew up in Taiwan. In order to make the most of her study abroad year here in the US, which had been her dream since she was little, she has devoted herself to almost 10 events and organizations on campus. In the meanwhile, she pays 100% attention, trying to get the best understanding while in class, yet, going camping, hiking, backpacking, caving, and traveling on weekends and vacations. Work hard, play hard!!!



Kevin Chu is the Media & Marketing Intern this year for International House. Simon the Office Intern (see below) says that nobody likes Kevin, but Kevin's mom says otherwise.  Kevin is currently majoring in Communications and minoring in Business, and is looking forward to being woefully unemployed after graduation.  He is also Content Editor for The MQ, President of the Undergraduate Marketing Association, a Principal Member of LGBTQIA @ UCSD, and a member of Pep Band.  In his spare time, Kevin enjoys looking for things that will give him an opportunity to blurb about himself in the third person on a website.


Henri Migala, Director


Malou Amparo, Programs Coordinator

Elly Iverson, Programming Intern

Eva Yilmaz, Programming Intern

Simon, Office Intern

Jenny, Office Intern

Kevin Chu, Media & Marketing Intern